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Computer Society Upcoming Meetings 2022

Hi PPCS Members and Guests:

Here is the tentative agenda for 2022 Webinars.

Unless otherwise noted all events will start at 6:00 PM Mountain Time.
All events are virtual
Registration notices will be sent within a few weeks of the event.

New Webinars in Planning

Hope to see you at these events.
Gene Freeman, Chair PPCS


Useful Links
USPTO Resources (IEEE-USA Free Webinar)

A Practitioner’s Guide to Leadership – 2nd Edition – Free for IEEE members

The History of Software Engineering – Free for IEEE Computer Society members

Becoming a senior IEEE member

IEEE USA Social Media Power Hour


Recordings and Slides from Past Meetings

Computer Society- 2022 Meetings

  • February Meeting
  • Mark Campbell on Venture Capital 101
    • Here is a link to the recording:
Play recording (1 hr 42 mins)

    • Here are the slides:

Computer Society – 2021 Meetings

Computer Society – 2020 Meetings

  • November Meeting:

  • Part 2 of Quantum Computing with Dr. Trung Pham of the USAFA.   
  • Application in Quantum Computing:  Analog Memory
  • Here is a link to the recording
  • Play recording
  • Here are the slides:
  • IEEE (11-05-2020) Application in Quantum Computing – Analog Memory
  • October Meeting:

  • Introduction to Quantum Computing – Dr. Trung Pham, USAFA
  • This is part one of a tutorial on Quantum Computing.   This talk covers the basics of the technology.   Next month Dr. Pham will cover an application of the technology.
  • Here is a link to the recording
  • October Pikes Peak Computer Society Meeting-20201001 2310-1
    Thursday, October 1, 2020
    Play recording (1 hr 29 mins)
  • Here are the slides–
  • September Meeting:

  • Data Fusion and Resource Management Technical Architecture – Chris Bowman, PhD
  • The DNN Technical Architecture provides a standard functional decomposition of DF&RM software development point designs, interface descriptions, and engineering methodology to enable software tool reuse and reduce need for one-of-a-kind DF&RM systems. The goals of the presentation include:
    • Provide an understanding of the roles for DF&RM
    • Describe how the Data Fusion heritage can be used to “jump-start” dual Resource Management solutions
    • Describe DF&RM Dual Node Network (DNN) Technical Architecture
    • Provide Problem-to-Solution Mappings for Data Association
  • Here is a link to the recording
  • https://ieeemeetings.webex.com/ieeemeetings/ldr.php?RCID=b10a4e42b8ed4dd6b0141d77dfcfca2d
  • Here are the slides—
  • August Meeting:

  • Who Invented the Integrated Circuit – Gene Freeman
  • The integrated circuit is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century and continues its dominance as an electronic packaging technology  in the 21st Century.    This talk focuses on its beginnings and looks at the controversies around attribution of “who was first?”
  • We had two special guests at this meeting Lisa Kocks, Historian, IEEE History Center and Francesco Gerali, ICOHTEC member and IEEE History Center 2019 Pugh Scholar.  Looking forward to future collaboration.
  • Here are the slides—

Distinguished Visitors Program from IEEE Computer Society

This is a sample of 7 handouts in recent months as part of IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Visitors Program.  Use the link at the top of the list to see the recorded presentations.