April 26, 2022 – Honeywell Solid State Electronics: VHSIC ASIC & Computer-Aided Design in the 1980s, David BONDURANT, Pikes Peak LMAG

Honeywell Solid State Electronics



April 21, 2022 – Detecting Alzheimer’s with a Voice Sample – Henry O’Connell, Canary Speech

Detecting Alzheimers


March 17, 2022 – IEEE Oral History Project Training, Dr. Mary Ann Hellrigel, IEEE History Center

IEEE Oral History Project


March 7, 2022 – How to Self-Publish with Less Pain and More Profit, Ken Wyatt, Wyatt Technical Services

How to Self-Publish


February 7, 2022 – A Summary of the Book “Unsettled”, My Take on Climate Change, David Bondurant, Pikes Peak LMAG

Unsettled Book Summary

December 19, 2021 – Holiday Speakers Recognition Dinner at Country Club of Colorado.  The Future of Technology, Rod Slater

The Future of Technology

December 18, 2021 Virtual Meeting – It was a Cold Week in Texas (Texas Grid Near Blackout) – Evans Heacock, Office of NERC Compliance Director

It was a Cold Week in Texas


November 16, 2021 Virtual Meeting – Trans Arabian Oil Pipeline, Ray Catlett, St. Louis LMAG

Trans Arabian Oil Pipeline

October 22, 2020 Virtual Meeting – Satellite Information Communications Influence on the Formation of the US Space Force – David Fitzgerald

US Space Force Presentation Video

August 12, 2020 Virtual Meeting – Silicon Mountain DRAM, Building the World’s Fastest PCs, David Bondurant

Silcon Mountain DRAM


July 7, 2020 – Virtual Meeting  Data Fusion & Resource Management (DF&RM) Dual Node Network (DNN) Technical Architecture, Chistopher Bowman, PhD



May 27, 2020 Virtual Meeting – Russian Perestroika During the Post Cold War Era – David Bondurant  

Perestroika Presentation

May 20, 2020 Virtual Meeting – VHSIC and the ETA10: The First CMOS and Only Cryogenically Cooled SuperComputer – David Bondurant



May 13, 2020 Virtual Meeting – The Invention of the Integrated Circuit – Eugene Freeman

Invention of the Integrated Circuit– Distribution Final


February 18, 2020 

Joint Meeting IEEE Pikes Peak Section and Life Member Affinity – Non Volatile RAM for the Internet of Things — David Bondurant  

Non-Volatile RAM Review ECEN 5823


November 4, 2019 Presentation: The Enigmatic Oliver Heaviside, Richard Hoffmeister

Heaviside Presentation 110419

September 14, 2019  Joint IEEE Pikes Peak – Denver LMAG Meeting at Space Foundation Discovery Center, The Ames Power Station, First High Voltage Alternating Current Transmission Anywhere – Al Schaffer

Ames Power Station (black)

April 18, 2019  
Presentation: Russian Perestroika During the Post Cold War Era – David Bondurant  

Perestroika Presentation