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  • Combined Zonal and Local Control Using Grid-forming Inverters in a Complex Medium- and Low-voltage Island Grid: a Study Case in a Realistic German Network
    This webinar delves into a case study focusing on zonal control in a complex island grid hosting grid-forming (GFM) and grid-following (GFL) inverter-based resources (IBRs). The investigation addresses key questions relevant to stable operation after disconnection from the transmission network: 1) What is the minimum required GFM installed capacity for stable operation after disconnection? 2) […]
  • Distributed Load Changers on Modern Distribution Systems
    This webinar will delve into various aspects of distributed loads, including different load modifiers considering both temporal and spatial aspects. We will look at their fundamental principles and operations to their real-world applications. It will feature presentations and insights from experts in the field, offering participants a comprehensive understanding of the following key areas:  Definition, […]
  • Large Scale Generator Interconnection Processes and Challenges
    With the United States' ambitious renewable energy goals, the demand for large-scale (>20MW) generator interconnection (GI) services has increased significantly, leading to longer interconnection queues and longer wait times for developers. Understanding how large-scale projects are studied in the interconnection process is crucial for developers, policy makers, and other stakeholders involved in the renewable energy […]
  • FERC Order 2222: Key Concepts and Ongoing Steps Towards DER Aggregations in Wholesale Markets
    FERC Order No. 2222 will help usher in the electric grid of the future and promote competition in electric markets by removing the barriers preventing distributed energy resources (DERs) from competing on a level playing field in the organized capacity, energy and ancillary services markets run by regional grid operators.  This rule enables DERs to […]
  • The Fundamentals and Energy Implications of Bitcoin Mining
    Digital Power Optimization (DPO) will be presenting an overview of Cryptocurrency Mining. Founder and CEO, Andrew Webber will be discussing why bitcoin mining matters to the energy industry, what is cryptocurrency and how it is different from crypto mining. He will explain the financial impacts and expected returns for Independent Power Producers and dive into […]
  • A Fossil Free Future for Cleanly Heating Homes and Businesses
    National Grid’s vision is to fully eliminate fossil fuels from both our gas and electric systems, enabling all homes and businesses we serve to meet their heating needs without the use of fossil fuels by 2050, if not sooner. We are proposing specific actions to achieve fossil-free heat fairly, affordably, and reliably for all our […]
  • IN-PERSON: State-of-the-Art Power System Design and Implementation for a Missionary Complex in a Remote Village in Africa.
    Africa is an enigma. Rich in energy related natural resources and yet 700 million (38%) are without electricity. This is the result of a lack of investment in both power generation and distribution systems. And what electricity is available is unreliable for days at a time. Diesel generators are the de facto standard for both […]
  • Power and Energy
    After a review of survey questions, a survey was conducted by the CS Vice Chair, Senthilkumar Mehalingam.  The purpose of this meeting is to discuss potential candidates to fill in the officer vacancy  poistions for the Power and Energy Society Chapter.   Mr. Mehalingam also made several inquiries at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and […]
  • Topological Insulator/Magnetic Insulator Heterostructures
    Recent years have witnessed a rapidly growing interest in topological insulators, not only because of rich intriguing physics in such materials, but also due to their promising potential in quantum computing and spintronics applications.  This presentation will discuss layered structures where a topological insulator interfaces with a magnetic insulator.  This system is of particular interest […]
  • Battery Design & Management System Optimization: Leading-edge research at UCCS
    Join us at our next Power & Energy Society meeting, Pikes Peak! Dr. Plett, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) will be joining us to talk about leading-edge research at UCCS in Battery Optimization.   Optimizing the cost, weight, size and reliability of major hybrid and electric-vehicle (xEV) […]